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Welcome to Hacking RFID


CHARTER of the Group


Who We Are



  • Software Programmers
  • Ethical Hackers/ Penetration Testers
  • RF Specialists /Technologists
  • Researchers
  • Circuit Boards - Circuit Diagrams Specialists
  • Firmware (Assembly/Pbasic for board) Programmers
  • Just plain folks interested in RFID technology



  • Share and learn about RFID technologies
  • Discuss known and projected RFID vulnerabilities
  • Document known Attacks and Counter Measure's
  • Do nothing which is foolish
  • Create open-source security testing software for RFID
  • Promoting Security Awareness of RFID Technology instead of FUD.
  • To learn from the mistakes made in the past, and to use those lessons to build a better future.


Code of Ethics

  • Above all else, do no harm
  • Always seek to plug the hole
  • Communicate to all
  • Waste not, want not
  • Always seeks to surpass current limits
  • Trust, but Test
  • Leave No Traces
  • Responsible Full-Disclosure Exploit reporting policies


Posting Guidelines

  • The primary language of this group is English. Members are expected to maintain a reasonable standard of netiquette when posting to the group.
  • Quoting should not exceed that which is necessary to convey context, this is especially relevant to members subscribed to the digested version of the group.


Acceptable Content


  • Any information pertaining to vulnerabilities is acceptable, for instance announcement and discussion thereof, exploit techniques and code, related tools and papers, and other useful information.
  • Gratuitous advertisement, product placement, or self-promotion is forbidden. Disagreements, flames, arguments, and off-topic discussion should be taken off-list wherever possible.
  • Humor is acceptable in moderation, providing it is inoffensive. Politics should be avoided at all costs.
  • Members are reminded that due to the open nature of the group, they should use discretion in executing any tools or code distributed into this group.
  • Need to keep these pages updated  
  • Updating needed 



Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Cyber Operations: Trends and Best Practices for Network Defenders | CISA




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Renamed the linked page from HackingFRID to HackingRFID
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at 3:21 pm on Nov 2, 2010

Re-actavting of pages.. after reading this <http://rfid24-7.com/rfidtalk/?p=334 >

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