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This is a resource for the Hacking RFID group


Overview: This group has been created due to the push for RFID and the lack of a independent security body governing this technology. Current Attacks have shown how easy it is to "clone" a passport and proximity cards. But real research has been limited to these subjects. Nothing has really been published on Enterprise Wide Attacks. The attacks are real. They do exist. We will be releasing some open source tools very soon as a PoC of severe vulnerabilities.


update : Dec 3rd 2015. updates to come to this page soon


###### Need to update these pages #######

###### Updated ######Hopper-Blum (HB)


* Breaking news -fully disclosed staus

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RFID heralds the 'internet of things'

We will soon be in the middle of a blizzard of tiny computers embedded into everyday items and constantly talking to each other.


8/5/2005 10:57 AM * AUS

IBM Release FREE RFID Development tools! 

IBM has released numerous developer toolkits and resources for deploying RFID. This is released under the AlphaWorks project.


8/4/2006 4:48 AM ET

New RFID passports are security risk

At Black Hat, Flexilis circulated copies of a 4-minute video of a test of Mahaffey's RFID-passport-explosive-device. Flexilis spokesman John Hering contends the shielding used on the passport RFID tags are inadequate. "In its current state, we don't feel its safe for deployment," he said


Aug 3rd 2006 3:30PM

Germans hackers break e-passport 

Synopis : POC on cloning a passport



* Un-Verifided News

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Synopis : "Bump key" Hopper-Blum (HB) POC being developed.

Looks just like HB protocol, except tag outputs C

• Tag initiates “passive” HB protocol to conceal value

(D • Y) of “active” challenge-response protocol




* List of resources /reading

Machine readable passports

DOD Capabilities

EPC Global Standards



* Known attacks

Texas Instruments DST type attack

Bluetooth sniper rifle

attacking proximity cards




* Legislation , Legal and Government reading

FDA task force

Government Accountability Office

CIA predictions for RFID  future scenarios


* RFID toolBox

RFDump tag auditing tool

one-step process


* RFID initatives

Savannah Port Security Project 

VIN Patent Pending

Human Implants

DOD 2007 mandate



Attention Contributors:

Password for edits : stealme

Please feel free to edit and add content. Create pages for each topic or cluster together, whatever suites your fancy. This is community based effort to bring cohesiveness to the RFID Hacking space.



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